Two Talks at Pitt Humanities Center

Monday, September 26, Francesa SAVOIA, Associate Professor of Italian

“Eighteenth-Century … ‘Blogging’? Notes on Common-Placing and Giuseppe Baretti’s zibaldone.” 

 4.00 pm, at Pitt’s Humanities Center, CL 602. Following the paper and discussion, we will also use the opportunity to share ideas and aspirations for this new initiative.   Thanks to the generous hospitality of the Humanities Center, refreshments will be provided.

Abstract: “Over a period of more than twenty years, while residing mostly in England, the Italian writer, literary critic, and lexicographer Giuseppe Baretti (1719-1789) kept a personal reading and writing log. Surveying this 270-page zibaldone has helped me to map out the cultural itinerary followed by this eighteenth-century intellectual immigrant, and has led me into the exploration of such topics as the psychology of authorship, the role of memory in literature and in second language learning, the practice of translation and its uses and purposes. Baretti’s notebook offers itself as an interesting case study in the prevalent practice of assembling, recording and storing acquired bits of knowledge, a practice that—in the eighteenth century—was also stimulated by advancements in printing and consequent wide circulation of printed materials.”

Tuesday, October 25, Marcus REDIKER, Distinguished Professor of Atlantic History

“History from the Inside Out: The Amistad Africans and their Struggle against Slavery while in Jail, 1839-1841.”

Humanities Center, CL602,  4.00 pm.

These two talks are part of Pitt’s new cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental eighteenth-century initiative and would therefore be of interest to members of PECC.
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